I am Kori and who ever thought I would be in ‘Cheese Head’ country Go BEARS! I grew up in a town called Woodstock, IL – home of the movie ‘Groundhogs Day’ from there I moved to four different states; starting in Illinois, going to  Minnesota, Iowa then Indiana, now I am in good ol’ Wisconsin! And I must say it is pretty beautiful up here! On any given day you can either catch me eating pizza, having an ice cold beer, watching a Shia LaBeouf movie… ‘Holes’ is one of my favorites, or taking a nap! I do love naps! Best thing to say to me, want to come over and take a nap! I enjoy getting to know people and talking to people, so don’t be afraid to call me and have a little chat! Oh and talking about Brett Elderidge is a plus and a win in my book!😊 

Kori and Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett’s New Video “Life Changes”

Thomas Rhett has just dropped the new video for his latest single “Life Changes”, today.The video was shot over several tour stops on is “Life Changes Tour”. In fact, he shows us some special moments from his family life as they are out on the road. Thomas has said this song is super personal to…read more »