Kim Carr

Hey ya’ll. I am a born and raised Wisco girl! I am originally from Waukesha, WI. My husband and I have a sweet little boy. Our little boy Luke has now officially entered the toddler world. When parents say time goes by so fast, you never really believe it until you are going through it. I am just living the #MomLife . When time allows you can find me watching Brewer Games during the summer or in the fall it’s all about football. While I am from Wisconsin, I am not a true Packer Fan. My heart belongs to the Tampa Bay Bucs as my husband is a Bears fan. I am a HUGE Disney Fan, there is not a Disney movie out there I haven’t seen. Of course I love my country music. It’s still on my bucket list to see Dolly Parton in concert and maybe meet her some day. Of course you can catch me glued to the TV with a glass of wine when Bachelor/Bachelorette is on. I am also working on getting healthier this year and have joined in on the WW family. Drop me a note anytime. We can swap parenting stories, advice, recipes, fitness tips and more. 

Bride and Groom

This Bride Sabotaged Her Bridesmaids

Brides, we have all went to great lengths to look amazing for our wedding. We have worked out, went on diets, maybe got Botox all just so we can look amazing on our special day. However, did you ever think about going as far as sabotaging you bridal party just to make sure you look…read more »

restaurant group

Where To Go To Meet People In Real Life

Are you sick of trying to people meet people on dating websites or dating apps? Why not try meeting someone in real life like the good ol’ days. Thanks to Mens Health Magazine they put some ideas together on where to meet someone based on your personality and what you like to do. If You’re…read more »

Pumpkin Proposal

A Pumpkin Proposal

I absolutely love it when people come up with creative ways to pop the question. This guy and his girlfriend were carving pumpkins. He wasn’t showing her what he was doing until the very end. However, I’m a little disappointing in with the end result. I feel that if you are proposing in a creative…read more »


Things To Keep At Your Desk During Cold and Flu Season

You can get the flu shot and do your best to stay healthy, but you’ve still got to go to work during cold and flu season, which means you’re going to be exposed to all the germs your sick coworkers drag in with them. Aside from getting plenty of sleep and regular exercise, keeping these…read more »