Kim Carr

Hey ya’ll. I am a born and raised Wisco girl! I am originally from Waukesha, WI. My husband and I have a sweet little boy. Our little boy Luke has now officially entered the toddler world. When parents say time goes by so fast, you never really believe it until you are going through it. I am just living the #MomLife . When time allows you can find me watching Brewer Games during the summer or in the fall it’s all about football. While I am from Wisconsin, I am not a true Packer Fan. My heart belongs to the Tampa Bay Bucs as my husband is a Bears fan. I am a HUGE Disney Fan, there is not a Disney movie out there I haven’t seen. Of course I love my country music. It’s still on my bucket list to see Dolly Parton in concert and maybe meet her some day. Of course you can catch me glued to the TV with a glass of wine when Bachelor/Bachelorette is on. I am also working on getting healthier this year and have joined in on the WW family. Drop me a note anytime. We can swap parenting stories, advice, recipes, fitness tips and more. 

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Going To Concerts Is Great For Your Health

Watching live music is better for your wellbeing than yoga, a new study has found. Experts came to the conclusion after volunteers were fitted with heart rate monitors, split up and sent to a Paloma Faith concert, a yoga session or to walk their dog. Psychometric tests carried out before and after the activities —…read more »


Peeps Are Coming To Dunkin’

I am probably only one of a few that actually like Peeps. Yes, those marshmallows athat are covered in sugar. Now we have a few more weeks until Easter but it seems Dunkin’ is getting their Peeps on ahead of time. Starting April 1st they’ll be serving up Peeps Marshmallow-flavored coffee and an adorable Peeps…read more »

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Study Finds Men Look For Women Who Have Traits Of Their Own Mother

According to a new, slightly creepy study, most men seem to want a partner who is basically a lot like their mom. The research from eHarmony finds that 64% of men are actually in a relationship with someone who shares many personality traits with their mother, and apparently, that’s totally normal from an evolutionary, psychological…read more »


The Latest On The Avocado Recall

Before you bite into that avocado toast, you should know that whole avocados are being recalled because of a possible listeria contamination. Henry Avocado Corporation is voluntarily recalling both organic and non-organic varieties sold in Arizona, California, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, according to the FDA. No one has gotten sick yet, but…read more »