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Bachelorette Recap for 6/11/18

Becca Kufrin had her work cut out for her on last night’s episode of “The Bachelorette.” She was still working through her feelings for Colton after he revealed last week that he once dated Tia Booth, Becca’s friend and former “Bachelor” contestant. After confronting that situation, David found himself in the hospital and later on so did Clay, but one of them ended up packing their bags. Here’s what you missed.

Kicking off this episode, Colton was still deeply upset about his relationship with Becca after he dropped the bomb last week that he used to date Tia. However, he’s selected for a group date with Wills, Jason, Jordan, David, and Jean-Blanc. The group has been ordered to pamper Becca and her girlfriends, aka her friends from last season of “The Bachelor”- yes including Tia. This makes Colton very anxious and Becca even worries if their relationship can make it.

Colton and Tia were definitely uncomfortable to be around each other given the circumstances. Becca ends up having a talk with Tia who assures her that Colton is a great guy, but it’s possible he signed up for the show thinking Tia would be the next “Bachelorette.”

Becca and Colton end up having a chat where Colton tells her he’s 100-percent here for her and by the end of the convo, Becca is head over heels. They even share a relieving kiss.

Back at the mansion, Jordan continues to stir the pot with the other contestants and brags abut his 4-thousand matches on Tinder in 2017. David decides to tell Becca he’s a bit concerned about Jordan’s intentions for being on the show. Becca returns to high-five Jordan for his Tinder feat, which makes him pretty angry at David. Jordan assures Becca that’s not the kind of guy he is and Becca lets him know she’s just having a sense of humor about it. Tension is still pretty high between him and David.

Next Becca takes Chris on the only one-on-one of the night. She takes him to write a song at Capital Records where Richard Marx is waiting to help them. Chris has a hard time opening up and is rather quiet in the beginning of the date, but after talking with Becca he opens up and writes her a beautiful poem. The two share their poems and Marx put them into a song. Becca ends up giving him a rose.

Back at the house David is seen being rolled out on a stretcher. There wasblood everywhere and editing made it seem like a showdown happened between him and Jordan. However when Chris Harrison goes to tell Becca about it, we learn he fell…off his bunk bed. Turns out he actually busted his nose and was in intensive care. Becca called to make sure he was all right and it seemed he was in good spirits.

The second group date saw Clay, Leo, Christon, Ryan, John, Garrett, Mike, Lincoln, Connor, and Blake partake in a football game for Becca’s love. The game was a mix of competitiveness and camaraderie. Clay was the standout considering he’s a pro-football player, but unfortunately he suffered an injury to his wrist during the game. He held it together, but had to be taken to the ER. He later returned to the mansion with the rest of them, and Becca gave him the group date rose for "making her feel like a princess."

During the rose ceremony, Clay reveals he needs surgery on his wrist. He says he needs to do it not only for his health, but for his football career. After all, it’s how he provides for his family. He tells Becca unfortunately he has to leave the competition to get the surgery and actually leaves Becca heartbroken over his decision.

The rose ceremony continues next Monday

Watch Last Night's Episode HERE

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