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Wine Tappers Coming to Hotel Rooms

There are certainly lots of people who like to wind down at the end of the day with a glass of wine, and that doesn’t necessarily stop when they’re on vacation or traveling for business. Sure, you can go to a hotel bar for a drink, or shell out tons of money to open that bottle of wine in the minibar, but now some hotels are giving their guests a totally different option – wine on top right in the room.

A new trend in hotels is to add something called the Plum machine to rooms. The machine’s purpose is to preserve two opened bottles of wine for weeks at a perfect temperature, and allows you to pour just one glass. For hotels, this allows guests to portion out a single glass at the end of a long day, and pay for just that.

While this may seem like an unnecessary luxury, more and more hotels seem to be embracing it. The Four Seasons hotel in Silicon Valley was the first to add them to their suites, and plans to have them in all of their rooms by the end of the year. And they’re not the only ones, with dozens of U.S. hotels making deals to bring the Plum to their rooms, including Miami Beach’s La Confidante, and the Hyatt Unbound Collection, with the St. Regis and Waldorf Astoria brands also adding them by the spring.

So, how much are hotels charging for this luxury? Well, it’s not necessarily cheap, but you are paying for the convenience. At La Confidante, a two-ounce pour of Pinot Noir will cost a guest $5.25, while a five-ounce glass is $16, while a two-ounce pour of a Sauvignon Blanc costs $4, and five-ounce $12.

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