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Bachelorette Finale Recap 8/7/17

It took THREE HOURS to get to the end result last night. But yes in the end Rachel Lindsay got engaged. Here's how the season finale, which alternated between the action in Spain and a live studio audience in Los Angeles, played out:

  • Before we got to the Final Rose, we still had two Fantasy Suite dates to get through. First up was Peter. As always, all the talk was about whether or not Peter would propose at the end of their "journey." They obviously spend the night together and we got to see a shirtless Peter. Rachel said she felt like their time alone brought them closer together.
  • Bryan had to follow that and he and he talked about being madly in love and ready to pop the question. Seriously, that's about all that happened on their date. 
  • Then there was a rose ceremony and Eric and his million watt smile was
  • sent home. He sat down with Rachel and Chris Harrison and admitted that was the one ceremony he went in to feeling confident. Ouch.
  • Peter and Rachel then had their final date and they went to a church and talked marriage. No one has ever described "The Bachelorette" as being subtle. Then, the crap really hit the very emotional fan. Yet again the idea of how important it is to Rachel that she get a ring at the end of this thing comes up. There were a ton of tears when it became very clear Rachel and Peter are not on the same page. Peter said he'd be willing to bend and propose because he didn't want to lose Rachel. She said she only wanted him to propose if he actually wanted to. Peter then says she's going to have a mediocre life if she gives up on them. Yikes. Many more tears, many more kisses, then the two of them tell each other they love each other...then go their separate ways.
  • Back in the studio, Peter sat down with Chris and Rachel, marking the first time he'd seen her since that night in Spain. Oh boy, it was tense. The "mediocre life" comment came up and Rachel explained to Peter she thinks the condensed schedule of the show is not the way he works and it's not the best way for him to find love. It's clear there are unresolved issues between the two of them but it ends with both Rachel and Peter saying they wish each other well.
  • After that incredibly intense segment, Bryan met with Bachelor Nation jeweler Neil Lane and picked out a ring. Then he met up with Rachel on a very windy hillside. In the end, Bryan won Rachel's heart by default. She accepted his proposal and the couple is now engaged.
  • They made their first official appearance as a couple in front of the live studio audience and talked about how they're focusing on "bringing their lives together." If we're all being honest, even Chris Harrison seemed a bit surprised by the outcome. 
  • The three hour event ended with a preview of "Bachelor in Paradise" and spoiler, there is a ton of people making out in bathing suits. As for the Corinne Olympios/DeMario Jackson drama, the sneak peak makes it look like the people involved in the alleged assault were as surprised as everyone else. "Paradise" premieres next Monday, August 14th. 

Watch Last Night's Episode HERE

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