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Bachelorette Recap for 7/10/17

"The Bachelorette" is back and they've classed it up this season bringing Rachel and her remaining boys to Geneva, Switzerland. This is the episode when Rachel had to decide who gets a Hometown Date so there was plenty of paranoia and speculation on the part of the guys. Here's how the episode shook out:

Rachel announced there would be no rose ceremony, only three one-on-one dates and one three-on-one dates.

Bryan got the first one-on-one and while Rachel seemed very smitten, enough to "buy him" an actual Swiss watch, but honestly he seemed like a snooze. During their dinner and drinks he talks about his past relationship but there's no real newsworthy moment there. Violins play, they smooch, Bryan got a rose and thus a Hometown Date.

Back at the house, Matt and Adam, the "why are they still there?" twins, spent their time being very annoyed they haven't gotten their time with Rachel. Honestly, they should both be happy they got a free trip to Geneva.

Dean got the next one-on-one and he and Rachel went to church. That's right, church. Rachel felt like something was weird between the two of them and by the time they got dinner, Dean confirmed her fears. He then delved in to how his family is "not the family you want to see." Dean talks about how his dad did not "step up" after his mom died and claims he's become more "eccentric" as time has gone on. Rachel appreciated the honesty and Dean got a rose/HometownCan't wait to see that eccentric dad. 

Peter got the third one-on-one date and they went up to the Alps for some dog sledding. Rachel looked incredibly cozy while snuggled up with Peter in the sleigh and can you blame her? He continued his trend of being incredibly honesty and Rachel admits that scares her because maybe Peter won't propose in the end. In the end, Rachel ended up digging the honesty and Peter gots a Hometown.

That meant Adam, Matt, and Eric went on a group date and boated off to France. The entire date was composed of each guy using their time with her to compliment Rachel and commend her for going through this "hard" experience.  

Rachel started straight up crying while talking to Matt and said he reminds her the most of herself but that other relationships have moved beyond theirs and Matt was sent home. Considering how little screen time he's gotten, he's sure getting a lot of Rachel's tears.

Adam used his one-on-one time to straight up ask Rachel if she could see herself falling in love with him. She said yes, that's why he's still here. From there, Adam rambled about how excited he is to bring Rachel home to meet his parents. Eric got real about his rough childhood in Baltimore and admitted that at 29, he's never taken a girl home to meet his family. It seemed like Rachel was wavering, but in the end, Eric got the fourth and final Hometown and Adam was sent packing.

Based on the preview for the next episode and the rest of the season, there will be no shortage of drama when Rachel meets the guys' families. Oh, and Dean wasn't lying when he called his dad "eccentric." 

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