Kim Carr

TV Remote

We Now Know How Roseanne’s Character Will Be Written Off

After tweets that Roseanne Barr made earlier this year it caused ABC to cancel the show. However, ABC is bringing a new show that will follow the same characters minus Barr. The show is “The Connors.” Turns our ABC is planning on killing off Roseanne in this new series. According to Barr her character will…read more »

Shower Head

Easy Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning Tip

I am not a fan of cleaning the bathroom. In fact, I try to avoid it when ever possible. However, this tip might just make the cleaning a little easier and it’s something you can even do in the kitchen. The Vinegar Baggie Trick. You just fill a plastic sandwich bag up with white vinegar.…read more »

christmas-tree on car

You Can Now Buy Your Real Christmas Tree On Amazon

Amazon they just raised the bar again for this coming holiday season. According to reports, Amazon is set to start selling and delivering full-sized live Christmas trees. Starting sometime in November, customers will be able to pick between various types of live trees – including Douglas firs, Norfolk Island pines, and Fraser firs. The company has sold…read more »

Luke Car Seat

Parents The Target Car-Seat Trade In Event Is Back

Parents just a reminder that the Target Car-Seat Trade In Event is going on now. So if you have car seat that your child has grown out of or, you got it from a friend and it’s expired. Instead of throwing it away you can actually trade it and save yourself some money. Here’s how…read more »