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Woman's Ex-Husband Told Her They Were Poor For Years

An Australian woman says her entire life with her ex-husband was a complete lie. That’s because for most of their marriage she was forced to believe they were struggling financially when her husband was out making the big bucks- and keeping it a secret.

The woman, who chose to only go by Karen, says they struggled for years to keep food on the table for their kids. While her husband, Toby, was off working, she says he didn’t want her taking a job so she stayed home with their children and did graphic artist work on the side.

Karen says it worked while the kids were young, but her friends were always shocked she never had any money of her own and felt silly asking them for money for makeup and toiletries. She says Toby would give her a small allowance each week, but God forbid she would buy anything for herself. She recalls buying smoked salmon for dinner and Toby would reportedly be up in arms asking, “What makes you think we can afford this?” She says he had the same reaction when the family needed a new sofa, as theirs was falling apart, and when she bought cashews to top off their salads. Karen was forced to believe they were living paycheck to paycheck. Toby once “proved it” by showing her their bank account, which had less than $500.

Over time, Karen had become a victim of psychological abuse. However things took a turn when they decided to divorce once their oldest child turned 16-years-old. They both decided they weren’t in love anymore and Toby said he would take care of the financial split. After taking note from her divorcé friends, Karen knew to get a lawyer, which is how she found out they had money all along.

Toby had reportedly been transferring mass transactions to the tune of $100,000 into a separate bank account. Turns out he owned another home elsewhere and was part owner of a winery. Karen was able to get a substantial amount of money out off the divorce to support herself and is actually thankful to Toby for teaching her how to be so good with money.