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Make Sparkling Wine In Your Soda Stream

Your SodaStream has been feeding your sparkling water habit for a while, but now it can bring you another kind of bubbly - sparkling wine.

That’s right, the brilliant minds at SodaStream have created a way to use that machine to make sparkling wine, just in time for the holidays.

SodaStream now makes Sparkling Gold, a Riesling-flavored concentrate, and when you add it to sparkling water, you’ve got yourself a glass of DIY effervescent wine. This could be a game-changer for when you want a glass of bubbly but don’t want to pop the cork on a whole bottle.

But the real question is how does it taste. According to an independent market research test SodaStream conducted in Germany last month, 76% of those surveyed liked the taste of the Sparkling Gold “as much or more than French Champagne brands Moet and Chandon and Veuve Clicquot.”

Unfortunately, we can’t run out and buy this at the store yet. They’re only selling the vino mix on SodaStream's German website right now, but they can get a 200-ml bottle for just five Euros and that makes 12 glasses of ready to drink wine. So fingers crossed this makes its way to the states soon.