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Ridiculous Reasons Folks Have Gotten In Trouble At Work

When it comes to work, most people try to do a good job every day, but even when employees are trying to do their best, there are times they run a fowl of the boss.

Sure, sometimes folks deserve to be reprimanded by the higher ups, but there are many cases where workers get called out for something even if they didn’t do anything wrong, or at least they think they didn't do anything wrong.

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing some of the ridiculous reasons they’ve gotten in trouble at work, and it’s pretty apparent workers aren’t getting the benefit of the doubt.

Among the ridiculous reasons folks have gotten in trouble at work:

-“Saying ‘no problem,’ instead of ‘my pleasure’ when a customer was apologizing to me.”

-“Went to the bathroom without permission. I had someone cover me. There was no reason for being reprimanded. I’m not holding my bladder for anyone.”

-“I was being harassed by three co-workers. Complained to the boss, got in trouble. Went to corporate, got in trouble. Filed a police report for my slashed tires and stolen tips, got fired.”

-“I was talking to a co-worker when a little kid ran to his mom and said I was cursing (I wasn’t), nearly got me fired since mom complained (I work at a daycare).”