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 It’s pretty cool to be doing mornings on the station where I first got started in radio!  I graduated from UW-Stevens Point in 2009, not sure how since I spent most of my time here at Y106.5.  Since my first go-round with Y106.5 I’ve worked radio in Minneapolis, Duluth, Madison, and Alaska(long story).  I love the Packers, Brewers, and Badgers.  When I’m not on the radio you’ll find me out on the lakes and rivers of Central WI or sitting at one of my favorite watering holes tipping back one of Wisconsin’s fine brewery products.  Hang out with me every morning from 6-10 on Today’s Best Country 106.5!

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  • Rollercoaster collides with deer, riders showered in jerky

    Riders of a rollercoaster in North Yorkshire, England, were showered in blood Saturday after the coaster's cars struck and decapitated a deer that had wandered too close. Read More
  • Smugglers busted with 25,000...diapers?

    Perhaps they should have tried the brown market, instead. Swedish police said they arrested two men accused of attempting to smuggle more than 25,000 diapers from Norway to eastern Europe. Investigators said the Lithuanian nationals, whose identities were not released, were stopped by police in Jamtland, and officers soon discovered their van was hauling 25,175 fresh disposable diapers. Police said the diapers were purchased in Norway, where diapers cost less than $1 apiece, and were likely designed for the black market in eastern Europe, where the products can retail for considerably more money. Stefan Fredriksson of the Jamtland police told the Expressen newspaper the smugglers failed to disclose the contents of their van when they crossed the border. "They did not report that they were transporting the goods across the border from Norway to Sweden. You are accountable to report it to customs and pay the duty fee," Fredriksson said. He said police spent all night counting the diapers so they would have an accurate count of the 25,175 disposable infant garments.

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  • The most extreme breakfast EVER: The Hibernator

    A cafe in Britain forces patrons who order their 8,000 calorie breakfast item, The Hibernator, to sign a waiver before digging in. Read More
  • New Mexico police say they caught a ghost on camera

    Do you think its a ghost? Read More