Bachelor Recap Finale Part 2

Bachelor Recap Finale Part 2

Well, last night was Colton Underwood’s last as the Bachelor. He’s been promising an unconventional ending all season, and that’s pretty much what we’ve gotten.

Last time, we told you that the first night of the finale ended with Colton setting his sights on getting Cassie back after their dramatic breakup. The final night kicked off where that night ended, with Colton knocking on her door. Here’s what happened.

Chris Harrison started off the show with a virgin joke, just for old times sake. He mused whether Colton will stay a virgin forever if things with Cassie didn’t work out.

Then, it was back into the action. Colton surprised Cassie by showing up at her doorstep, and the two went outside to talk. He told her he ended things with Tayshia and Hannah G because Cassie’s the one he wants, which she was “shocked” by.

Colton said that he’s not asking her to marry him, but he did want her to come meet his family in Spain… and she said yes. But before she could, she had a little breakdown. She was still having mixed feelings, and said she was “confused.” That became crystal clear when Colton’s parents asked if they were dating or what… and they didn’t have an answer.

Colton’s mom warned him about setting himself up for another fence-jumping heartbreak, and Colton’s dad cried about the prospect. Colton said he’d rather risk the heartbreak than risk losing Cassie again.

Then Cassie and Colton went on a date, almost like nothing had ever happened except that Colton joked about Cassie leaving him “again” on their way. For their date, they had to rappel down a mountain… as you probably guessed, the date was full of metaphors about facing fears and taking risks (for love).

At dinner, it was clear that things were heating up. Cassie said that after Colton taught her what a good relationship is like, she would teach him a few things. This time around, they did go to the fantasy suite… and made sure to kick out the crew and take off their mics. And if you’re wondering if Colton’s v-card was taken, all he said was “you could use your imagination” about why the night made him very happy.

Back in the live studio, Cassie and Colton told Chris and the audience that they’re in love! But… that’s pretty much it. They didn’t get engaged, but Cassie said they’ve been talking about it. Cassie said that after Spain, Colton’s become her best friend. And while she didn’t do much talking about her true feelings, she did journal about being in love with the Bachelor.

Colton finally gave Cassie the final rose… but still wouldn’t cough up whether they sealed the deal in another way.

Then the band Air Supply performed live. Because why not, they had time to kill.

And that was that – Cassie is the one for Colton! This season certainly turned out to be how Colton promised: unexpected. At one point, he almost quit the show… then there were no women left… then there was one… but no proposal!

By the way – we also finally learned who the next “Bachelorette” will be. As many speculated, Chris Harrison announced she is… Hannah B! We got a sneak peak of the men pining for her heart, but fans will have to wait until the season starts to get into the real action.