Bachelor Finale Part One

Bachelor Finale Part One

It’s – finally – almost time. Last night was the first of the two-part finale of ABC’s “The Bachelor.” We got to see what happened after Colton Underwood’s long-anticipated fence jumping incident… and he’s definitely not over Cassie.

So far, Colton has made history not only as the first virgin “Bachelor,” but as of last night, the first person to go from three options to none – that’s right, zero women. Here’s what happened:

The show kicked off with a tearful, dramatic recap of the last episode, and then we got a glimpse of what came next. Basically, a bunch of people yelled “Colton!” while driving around in the dark. Chris Harrison thought he was going to have to call the police, and Colton was super angsty and threatening to quit the whole show once they finally found him.

The next day, Chris and Colton had a heart-to-heart at his hotel. Colton made it clear that he can’t go on without Cassie, although he admits he was also falling in love with the other remaining ladies Tayshia and Hannah G. Chris was basically like, “what if [Cassie] just isn’t that into you?” But Colton was dead set on getting his love back… so it looks like we already know what to expect from the second night of the finale!

So, after that, it was clear why he was knocking on Tayshia’s door, and she didn’t seem surprised… he broke it off. He told her that he was falling for her, but his heart is with Cassie. She didn’t even shed a tear – that is, until she asked to talk off-camera. It’s unclear why, but she started apologizing and asking him not to cry, and then she was crying. After the emotional moment, it was goodbye to Tayshia.

And although she didn’t seem shocked by the breakup, she told Chris in the hot seat that she was indeed caught by surprise. But she was more worried about Colton than anything, who she says was “shaking.”

Next, it was Hannah’s turn to get the bad news. She never got a fantasy suite date, and definitely isn’t getting one now. Her while face fell when he told her that he “can’t be in love with two people,” confessing his love for Cassie. He even told her he “thought” the winner would be Hannah, for whatever reason. But when she asked what went wrong between them, he couldn’t give her an answer.

Unlike Tayshia’s breakup, this one was intense. Hannah and Colton both started crying, and Colton was in worse shape after leaving her room. He cried in the arms of a producer and said he was scared about giving up who could have been the one.

In the hot seat, Hannah called it “the ultimate rejection.” Once she got to sit down with Colton for the first time since the breakup, she basically said he was leading her on, that he was telling her she was basically the winner the whole time. Colton tried to explain himself, but then Hannah said that his experience with Cassie is what he did to her. “Slap in the face,” case closed.

And that was that – Colton made history as the first Bachelor to reach the finale with no women left. But there’s still tonight, the second part of the finale. Judging from the teasers, we’re going to see Colton try to win Cassie back. The episode ended with Colton knocking on a door.

Tonight  we get part two of the finale of “The Bachelor,” on ABC at 7pm

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