Women Tell All Recap for March 6

Women Tell All Recap for March 6

It’s almost time for Bachelor Colton Underwood to give away his final rose, but not before sitting down with the girls that have been competing for his heart all season for the “Women Tell All” special. Judging from the crowd’s reaction during Chris Harrison’s introduction, drama queen Demi has been missed… and she certainly gave the fans what they came for once again. Here’s what happened:

First of all, fan favorite Elyse was noticeably absent from the panel. It turns out she was at a friend’s wedding in Mexico! Taking to Instagram,she’s shared a video of herself getting hit in the face with the bouquet, calling it “getting slapped in the face by the potential for my own happily ever after.” Fitting!

Starting off the show, we got to enjoy a montage of all the worst breakups and panic attacks of previous seasons of the show. Maybe it made Cassie feel less bad about her goodbye from Monday? Because as emotional and dramatic the moment was (remember Colton’s long-awaited fence jump?), it was nothing compared to the marathon of crying and cursing we got to see. Speaking of the Cassie breakup, all the ladies were wondering how Colton’s going to move on from it.

Courtney and Demi tried to kick off the night’s catfights, but Nicole and Onyeka got into it first, ready to continue their beef. Nicole called Onyeka a bully, and even came armed with a definition of the word “bully” to recite… but Onyeka just “Thank U, Next’d” her. Nina (who?) came to Onyeka’s defense and called Nicole out for talking smack about the other ladies, too.

Caelynn spoke out about Katie’s warning to Colton back when she was eliminated, when she told him that some people weren’t ready to make a commitment and tie the knot. Katie wasn’t afraid to spill the tea – she confirmed that her comments were aimed at Caelynn and Cassie, and that she had heard them talking about one girl winning and the other being the next Bachelorette.

As much as Katie tried to bring the beef back, Hannah B and Caelynn implied that they squashed it, but they’re not best friends or anything – Hannah compared herself and Caelynn to “oil and water.”

Then it was finally time for Demi… and she delivered as usual. She went at it with Traci, but mostly Courtney, who she had called “the cancer of the house” when she was still on the show. Although she admitted that the remark was “a little much,” she kept poking the fire…

So, Courtney marched across the stage and stuck a pacifier in Demi’s mouth. Seconds after having apologized for a hyperbolic comment, Demi fired back after the pacifier incident by threatening to shove a heel down Courtney’s throat.

In the hot seat, Demi got emotional while explaining how happy she is that the show reunited her with her mom, who she had revealed during the show was incarcerated.

Chris played a montage of Nicole bursting into tears over pretty much everything over the course of the show, and Nicole explained that she just grew up being taught that expressing her emotions is ok. Chris had his “Oprah moment” by gifting Nicole a year’s supply of Halo Top ice cream. Thanks?

Hannah B finally got a do-over toast after fumbling her way through the toast on her one-on-one date with Colton. Chris hinted that she could be the next Bachelorette by toasting to Hannah finding her “fierce love.”

Caelynn once again opened up about her past sexual assault, which had inspired viewers to speak out about their own stories. “This isn’t an episode on ‘The Bachelor,’ it isn’t a hashtag, it’s movement,” she said.

Then, Colton finally hit the stage! Chris naturally fit in a joke about the fence jump, warning Colton, “don’t run on me again.”

It was finally time for Colton to answer the ladies’ questions. First of all, Caelynn got to confront him after their breakup, and Colton apologized for not being able to give her closure… but still didn’t really give her any closure, he just told her he “felt terrible” about it.

But the question on everyone’s mind that the ladies finally got to ask was: “Are you still a virgin?” He didn’t get to answer, but Chris took a poll of which of the ladies thought he still was a virgin… and not many of them raised their hands. Demi, who proudly proclaimed she’s “promiscuous,” told Colton that he “missed out” by not having her for the fantasy suites episode.

About that fence jump, Colton admitted that being the Bachelor doesn’t make him “invincible.” He says he could’ve handled all kinds of things differently on the show, but he did his best to roll with the punches.

Lastly, we saw a teaser of next week’s two-night finale. Colton’s back after jumping the fence, lots of people cry including Colton’s dad, and Colton cries while wondering if he’ll ever be “loved back the way I love somebody.” We have to wait until next week to see if he does find love.

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