Women Feel They Need More Hours In The Day

Women Feel They Need More Hours In The Day

It certainly isn’t easy being a woman juggling a career and family, with many feeling there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything they need to get done finished. In fact, a new survey finds that women these days are busier than ever.

A new poll finds that 55% of women say they are currently too busy every week. In fact, gals are so busy they feel they need an extra 82 minutes in the day to accomplish everything they’d like. Not only that, 38% of women say they haven’t had a single afternoon to themselves in over a month.

So, what would women do if they got the extra hours the feel they need? Well, 49% would use that extra time to sleep, while 36% would read, 29% would exercise, 28% would take a walk and 24% would cook. Another 22% say they would learn a new hobby, with kitting, writing poetry and learning photography popular hobby choices.

Some gals are so in need of extra time that they’d be more than willing to give up a few things to have it. Things they’d be willing to give up include:

  • Watching TV/movies (31%)
  • Social media (31%)
  • Coffee/caffeine (24%)
  • Their favorite food (17%)
  • Their cell phone (15%)
  • Their significant other (11%)

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