Bachelor Recap for January 8th

Bachelor Recap for January 8th

Last night was the season 23 premiere of “The Bachelor.” The 30 ladies competing for Colton Underwood’s heart pulled out all the stops to catch his eye with their limo exits… and of course, there were a bunch of virgin jokes. Here are some of the highlights of the first night:

Chris Harrison kicked things off in a big way, hosting premiere viewing parties in cities across the country. Some of the show’s alums, like Blake, Jason, Kaitlyn and JoJo were there, and at least three random couples even got engaged during the live show (though we don’t know who they are yet).

We got to meet some of the girls before the limo exits, and they already made pretty lasting impressions. Heather one-upped Colton’s virginity with the fact that she’s a virgin who’s never even been kissed. The ladies all come from different backgrounds and occupations – we met speech pathologist Cassie, former Miss Alabama Hannah B, aspiring dancer Katie and self-proclaimed “beach girl” Heather.

The virgin jokes kicked off right away with the first limo exit, but Colton seemed to be loving it. Demi teased that she hasn’t “dated a virgin since I was 12,” but is “excited to give it another shot.” Katie did a little magic trick where she ended up handing Colton a card with the letter V on it (get it… “V-Card”), and Caitlin handed him a red balloon and then popped… as in, she popped his “cherry.” But the best, by far, was Alex D, who showed up dressed in a sloth costume because she heard Colton likes to take things “slooooowly.” Her job description was also listed as “sloth” on-screen.

The rivalries already got started, too. Caelynn and Hannah B both competed in the Miss USA pageant, with Caelynn taking second place and Hannah lower in the ranks. Caelynn showed up in a sash that said “Miss North Carolina” on one side and “Miss Underwood” on the other (though it probably should have said Mrs. Underwood.) Heather and Laura also showed up in the same red strapless maxi dress and Onyeka interrupted Catherine the DJ’s conversation with Colton later on in the premiere.

By the way, there are two different Hannah’s from Alabama this season, the other being Hannah G. There are also two girls named Alex, but surprisingly no other repeat names out of the 30 women.

Bri by far went the farthest to make an impression with Colton, besides sloth girl. She introduced herself with a noticeable Australian accent, which Colton complemented… and then later, to the camera, she revealed she was faking it to stand out.

Colton gave “Bachelorette” Becca Kufrin a shoutout as he greeted the 30 women for the first time. He said that he was “grateful for that heartbreak” since it led to him meeting the ladies this season.

Colton may be shy when it comes to heading to the bedroom, but he was handing out kisses on the first night. Caelynn, Katie and Hannah G all got kissed… and Hannah G got the first impression rose.

After a simple, “You all look so beautiful,” Colton handed out the roses and said goodbye to Tahzjuan, Erin and Devin, who were the first group of girls sent home.

Things are already off to an interesting start (though the virgin jokes got old pretty fast). In a new interview with Variety, ABC honcho Rob Mills reveals that this season ends “very different” than viewers may expect, and he also promises some “jealousy” and more drama.

Watch last night’s episode HERE