Carrie Underwood Upsets People With Comments In New Interview

Carrie Underwood Upsets People With Comments In New Interview

Carrie Underwood is featured in this month’s “Redbook” magazine, where she opens up about the fall last year that caused her to need 40 stitches to her face.

Carrie, who’s mom to three-year-old Isaiah, also talks about her desire to have a big family with hubby Mike Fisher but admits it may not happen. “I’m 35, so we may have missed our chance to have a big family,” she shares. “We always talk about adoption and about doing it when our child or children are a little older.” She adds, “In the meantime, we’re lucky to be a part of organizations that help kids, because our focus right now in our lives is helping as many kids as possible.”

Apparently some people are offended because they took it as Carrie saying that 35 is too old to have a child. “You need to know your window for having children is not closed,” one person shared on Twitter. “The only thing stopping you is your decision to or not to. You can still have healthy children. 35 is not old, 35 is not too late, 35 is fine.” Meanwhile another added, “I’m 38 and just had a baby … she’s being ridiculous.”

But to be fair, Carrie never actually said 35 is too old to have a baby. She only said it may be too late for her to have a “big family,” and suggested she and her hubby may consider adopting. Which is a great thing to look into.

Being a mom myself, I can see both sides of this. Personally for me I know that my time might be limited to having more children, because it might take more of a toll on my body as I get older compared to when I had my son a couple of years ago.

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