Bachelorette Recap: Becca’s Final Rose

Bachelorette Recap: Becca’s Final Rose

It’s been a wild ride for Becca Kufrin. We’ve seen on-set breakdowns, early departures, a pair of golden underwear (maybe too many times). But after all the drama, Becca finally got engaged. Here’s how it happened:

The finale kicked off in the Maldives, with Becca’s family joining her to meet the men who may become her husband — Garrett and Blake. Garrett’s date came first, and boy did the fam really seem to like him. He, again, goes over his past failed marriages… the failures which he blames on the ex-wives.

Then it happened — Garrett starting bawling. He opens up about his mother’s and grandpa’s cancer battles, the tears keeping on through talks with Becca’s extended family and sister as he gushes about his commitment to a relationship with Becca. The family totally loved his sensitive side, too.

Then it was Blake’s turn. He sat down with the Kufrin fam and, while he claims he loves a Miss Independent, still goes on about his insecurities about Becca liking other guys. The family tried to reassure him that Garrett probably feels the same way, but Blake just wouldn’t let up (as usual). Needless to say, the fam was left feeling a little more confident about Garrett than Blake after the meeting. Give it a rest, Blake! You’re in the final stretch already!

Sister Emily, on the other hand, remained split about her opinions of the two, saying that Garrett is a father type while Blake would be a better “teammate” or friend for Becca. And poor Becca, she had no idea what to do. She started crying over the guys with her mom, as the choice was obviously a really hard one for her.

Then it was time for the final dates. Becca and Garrett had a romantic boat ride out at sea with some drinks. Becca was ready to get serious and talk about their possible future life as a married couple, but Garrett got a little distracted by some dolphins he spotted. The two joked about the dolphins, who performed some tricks for the couple, seeming very comfortable together. Garrett did open up though, saying that he wanted Becca to be happy no matter who she chose.

Blake and Becca’s date called for some fun in the sun for a variety of island activities like swimming and paddleboarding. Blake still seemed down in the dumps, in his head as usual, but let go a little as he sees that Becca is having a hard time too. He showed his love for Becca with a gift — a time capsule, a la Jason’s memory scrapbook, containing little memories, including photos, of their time together.

With only hours until Becca’s final choice, the boys went to pick out the rings. They both picked Neil Lane diamond rings, you can see Garrett’s below. Garrett chose one with three diamonds, while Blake chose one big rock.

Becca seemed pretty certain of her final choice. Blake had come out first to propose, but Becca cut him off early to send him home. She says that even know Blake was a solid force throughout their time together, she realized that her true love was there the whole time in Garrett. Blake left after telling her she had made a mistake, clearly shocked, in tears as his insecurities came true. Becca had a hard time too, breaking down after she sent him off. Sitting down with Chris Harrison, Blake said that it was hard for him to watch the season once it aired. The two fell for each other hard and fast, which made the breakup even more emotional.

And the rest is history — Garrett proposed to Becca after the two confessed their love for each other once again. She, of course, accepted. The two hit the beach to celebrate with some bubbly.

After staying silent on the controversy surrounding Garrett’s past offensive Instagram posts for almost the entire season, the two finally brought the issue to light. Becca explained that they had talked about it “early on” in the relationship, adding that she doesn’t condone the offensive posts but trusts his public apology. The two say that they did struggle with the controversy, but they’re getting through it and growing together. So I guess it’s all good!