Bachelorette Recap for 7/9/18

Bachelorette Recap for 7/9/18

Becca Kufrin is one step closer to finding true love, or loves, because as it turns out looks like she is starting to fall for more than one guy. Have you noticed that either the bachelors or bachelorettes over the last couple of seasons have been falling for more than one person. Crazy…. Anyways here is what happened last night:

Blake got a one-on-one date with Becca, which calms his nerves considerably. She was open with him that she found herself caring for more than one guy at this point. He was hurt that she wasn’t feeling him exclusively, but he still revealed to her that he was in love with her. she claimed to be in love with him, too, and declared him to be husband material.

Colton finally revealed his secret – he’s a virgin – during their one-on-one. While it was a lot for Becca to take in, she said she’d never judge him or think less of him because of it. He told her that he wasn’t necessarily waiting for marriage. Instead, he’s looking or “the right heart.” She gave him a rose, and he took that as a sign of acceptance.

Becca felt like Garrett was a little too happy-go-lucky, and wanted more depth in their relationship. But she was positive about their connection and gave him a rose – especially when she realized they had similar pasts with their exes. They also shared a sexy swim before their date came to a close.

LeoWills, and Jason ended up on the group date. She sent Leo home early because she didn’t feel that they were at a place where she could meet his family. She ended up giving Jason the rose, and Wills was so hurt that he left the car on his way home to cry.

Next week, the final four of Garrett, Colton, Blake and Jason will take the Bachelorette home to meet their respective families, as the race for the final rose really starts to heat up. Also they showed that Becca meets with some of her girlfriends from last season to talk about the remaining guys. Remember how Colton dated Tia for a little bit well turns out next week Tia might now have an issue with Becca dating Colton.

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