LeeAnn Rimes and Stevie Nicks Team Up

LeeAnn Rimes and Stevie Nicks Team Up


LeAnn Rimes releases a new EP entitled “Re-Imagined” today. Rimes recorded new versions of her older songs for the new release, and on Tuesday she unveiled one of the tracks: a duet with Stevie Nicks on the song “Borrowed.”

The song originally appeared on LeAnn’s album “Spitfire,” and Stevie told “Rolling Stone” she decided to record the new version after hearing Rimes sing it on the “Tonight Show” in 2013. “I stopped in my tracks and sat down on the floor and started to cry,” she said. Nicks recalled that when the song ended, “I called my assistant to tell her that one day, I would sing this song with LeAnn. It was our destiny.”

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LeeAnn Rimes Video with Stevie Nicks

Borrowed (Re-Imagined)